I decided to pick an article not really related to my profession but instead that relates to my current life, more specifically areas in which I hope to improve. I chose the article titled Work Life Balance. As a 28 year old adult my life is continually changing and evolving. I have recently undertaken a lot of life milestones, and now am trying to find balance in all parts of my life. I was drawn to this article because I would like to know more about the research around this area and develop skills and techniques in my life that can help me achieve the balance I am seeking. After reading this article I felt I had gained insight on perspective taking in this area. I felt much more able to do some personal reflecting, and decide what decision I have to make in my life in order to align my work life balance with me personality and beliefs.

The article Work Life Balance defines Work-life balance as, “an individual’s ability to meet their work and family commitments, as well as other non-work responsibilities and activities.” The article goes on to talk about how often work life balance can be juggling things such as, work, relaxing, activities, family, friends, school, house hold work etc. The percentage of time spent on each area is not fixed from person to person. Furthermore work life balance is a subjective experience that differs from person to person depending on a variety of factors. I had never really thought about work life balance being a subjective experience. Slowing down to really think about it I realize personality has a large role in this. For some living life and focusing on the fun parts is where their personality comes to life. Work is merely a means to reach that end. For others work and professional goals is where their personality and character thrive. As such working has a much bigger role in their life and personal relationships and experience take a back seat.

The most interesting portion of the article that gave me food for thought was the portion that talked about the different determinations of work life balance. The article reviewed three major contributing factors, individual, family, and work/organization. I found while reading about each section I was able to self-reflect on each component and how they are represented in my own life. I gained a lot of perspective on the bigger picture of my life and how balance might look for me personally. While reading on about the consequences of work life imbalance I was able to identify and relate to my own life when at times imbalance has occurred. Having this perspective I could really pinpoint some things that did not work in my life in helping to obtain balance and why that happened. Over all I found this article to be insightful and really helped me self-reflect about my own life balance and happiness. Being a drive person with big goals I think this is an area for growth in order to maintain overall happiness and prosperity especially in a high demand field.

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Work Life Balance

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