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Last week my time was spent looking into and investigating written fanfiction. This week I decided to explore more into the word of fanfiction short movies. I chose a video titled “Kara” | (2016) (An Unofficial Star Wars Film). I must say that overall fanfiction video far surpassed my expectations. I was preparing myself for some epic home video situation. Instead I was given some pretty good quality video with special effects! It was very interesting and fun to explore all the creations related to some of my favorite videos from my childhood. I think that this is a great example of how technology changes the way that kids today interact socially with the world around them. I think back to when I was growing up and I can only imagine how much time I would have loved to spend watching harry potter or ninja turtle fanfiction! I think this relates easily to my area of study because socially these are the things that are shaping growth and development of the culture around us. Fanfiction short films are a fantastic form of remix in which people can explore aspects of their favorite movies and characters further.


The first identity that becomes apparent in this video is expressing fan identity. The video delves into a character named Kara living in the star wars universe. There are multiple references to the original Star Wars movies but through the film the writer stays mostly true to the Star Wars rooting and parameters. The consistency with the original films coupled with the producer’s own twist their fan identity becomes very apparents! The graphics in this film closely resemble those seen in Star Wars further indicating their fan identity and inspiration.


The first  literacy dimensions present in this film was the use of original video that was re-edited to create a new video. I believe this was the process used to get the battling ships and falcon into the video. Pieces and pictures from the original film inspired and were used in order to set the seen and plot for this video. This film also includes faux company credit sequences to give it more authenticity. The addition of this piece makes it look very professional and speaks to the creator’s ability as a short film director and producer.  

This video is brought to life by youtube the site on which it is published. Right off the bat being such as well know name youtube increases the chances the video is viewed and spread quickly to consumers. As well and being able to add notoriety youtube allows viewers to post comment about the video and the creator to respond. It was interesting to read the comments left on the video positive and negative. Some comments were praising the quality and work itself. Others were scrutinizing the factual basis of events in the story. Others were offering advice and possible extensions. I found all the comments would be very useful as the creator in order to refine skills, get new ideas, and increase ability. The attention and comments on the video are in essence what online culture is about so seeing so much interaction off of the video is great!

If I was to change anything about this production I would make the opening scene slightly more in line with original Star Wars introduction. This would really build rapport with avid fans as well as give an opportunity for the creator to give a little insight into the background and precursors to the story. Although the story become clear as the movie goes on in the beginning viewers are left with a let of questions. Having these questions addressed upfront would allow for the film to delve deeper into the story and become more involved.


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