My digital story for the week is a digital story titled To Every Child. Being a teacher at a title one school I found myself easily able to relate to the message of the creator of this document. I really liked the overall message and representation of her passion through her words. I will be focusing on the assessment trait of story. I chose this trait because I felt that the biggest persuasive part of this piece of work was her story. As a fellow educator I found her story inspiring and thought it was something I could relate to. I also chose to evaluate originality/voice.  I chose this because I did feel like her message was good but I felt that her presentation left room for improvement. I wanted to explore that more in my response. I will also talk about flow, organization, and pacing. I chose this because I really wanted the opportunity to reflect on this portion of digital storytelling as it is so important in captivating audience.

In the area of story I thought a big success was the integration of her personal story into her message. Her overall goal was to convey passion for teaching particularly in low income schools, and try to inspire others in her shoes to do the same. She often mentions the school which she attended and its impact on her which would undoubtedly resonate with her audience by making a connection.  The amount of personal information was enough to grab listener’s attention but not enough to distract from the message of her story. I thought the creator was very tactful in choosing stories and scenarios that added to her message and did not distract from it. The personal information included was very tactful in building rapport with the student audience who would be viewing the document. In the area of originality I thought over all her message was somewhat original. Growing up in a low income neighborhood then becoming a teacher based off of that experience, and being the change she hopes for in her neighborhood is inspiring. Another strength in the area of voice was the thought and ideas that were incorporated in the script. The creator made sure to hit all her point from her story and the why to her presentation. In the last area of flow organization and pacing I thought a big success was the outline which her story followed. She started by establishing they why by talking about hardships, particularly hardships people in her neighborhood face. She then moved into her personal experience in order to establish rapport. Then she then talked about her personal experience how it was rewarding and the change it made in her community. Finally she talked about the need for others to follow in her steps pushing for others in her community to help make the change they hope for. Another big strength in this area was the length of the video. Human attention span is so limited! The creator did a great job being concise and short while also being effective. The movie length is just long enough to get all the parts in to persuade others but is short enough that viewers can stay engaged and retain the message.

In the area of voice I feel that this story failed to capture more of her current experience as a teacher. If the goal is to persuade people to follow in her footsteps then more information should be included as to what the perks are for them, or what that lifestyle would actually look like. For most people a clear idea of what the reward of being a teacher are necessary in order to convince them it could be a fit for them. Adding more experiences related to the profession of teaching and how it can make a difference would make the persuasion of the video much stronger.

In the area of originality/voice the video lacks in clear motives or reason for creating this digital story. I think a good addition would be a direct clear explanation incorporated into the video addressing the reason for creation. While this portion is written in the description of the video, hearing it from the presenter would really make it more personable and receptive to an audience. Imagine the audience you are trying to persuade. Students who may be checked out and may not be reading too far into what you are saying. Presenting a clear motive at the beginning gives them a clear picture of what your goal is and where you are headed so that they can follow more easily.

As far as flow, organization, and pacing go I do think there could have been some more creative aspects as far as presentation. The video uses mostly pictures with her reading in the background. There is a picture of her incorporated within the video. I think incorporating actual video of her talking at certain points would be much more effective and help to really build rapport with her viewers. A large portion of the beginning of the video is about her story and building connections. I think a big part of that connection is lost by the fact that you cannot actually see her and see the expressions on her face. As far as flow is concerned you can tell the presenter is reading which can cause some readers to disengage. In order to make this more dynamic you could incorporate more expression in the flow of conversation in order to build engagement. Adding expression, change of pitch, and a more conversational tone make the video more real to viewers and therefore more effective.  

I really enjoyed this digital story and made a lot of connection to my own profession and experience. I loved hearing about her story and home that my kids grow up to be as passionate as this young lady! Want to check it out? Click this link! To Every Child

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