This week was a whirlwind! I cannot believe that week 7 is coming to an end! I feel like I completed this week’s assignments really well! I explored other people work who were not in my group which was very fun and interesting! I also explored different resources and outlets that I have no experience such as fanfiction movies! I really liked that a focus for me this week was less on the working technology portion and more on the exploring and discovering new things area.

I think I had the most trouble finding balance this week! I closed on and moved into a new house, so between that and all the moving parts that go along with it I felt a little frazzled this week! I most enjoyed exploring other peoples work and seeing what they have been accomplishing over the last 7 weeks! The different focal themes were so interesting to me! I learned that the world of fanfiction videos is immense and impressive. I really enjoyed exploring and looking into the things that people have created around my favorite books and movies.

I would honestly do nothing differently this week! I think with everything going on and not having internet access until Wednesday it went pretty smooth! I and excited to dive in next week and explore all of our great learning even more next week!

I did not run into any issues this week as far as my focal theme. I am at this point in my learning where I am trying to transition everything I am learning and shift it to a classroom lens for my students. I feel like I have learned so much and I really want to implement it in a meaningful way for my students! I love learning and growing and I feel like my focal theme and experience in this class have allowed for that to happen! Now it is up to me to determine what I do with that learning.

I think me work for this week was meeting expectations. I felt like I used all the resources I could in order to accomplish class expectations. I also feel like my interaction with classmates was strong and I really got a lot of perspective from others around our weekly readings. I really feel like I am pushing myself to make connection from this course and my professional career. I really am trying to be intentional and thoughtful about things I pick to read and review as well as thinking about what this all means for my students.

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