For my first daily create I  had to find a literary quote and create my own version of what a draft might have looked like for that quote. I had a lot of fun looking through tons of great quotes! My final decision was a quote from Robert Frost that simply states,  “In three words I can sum up everything I have learned about life- It goes on.”

For the first “draft” I gave a wordy philosophical answer. I was imagining what kids of things might be running through my head if I had to try and sum up everything in life. While the first draft did not meet the three word criteria it summed up what life is in some capacity.

The second draft I focused on getting less academic and more to the point with my answer, in order to align with the voice and character of the final quote. My first six word answer sums up how life can feel when you thinking too hard or have too much going on! My second draft aligns more with a mantra about life and how I could see jumping from this draft to the final version.

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