This picture pretty much sums up how I am feeling right now!

I am feeling very accomplished this week! I completed my assignments well and had a lot of fun doing it!  I think my sense of accomplishment this week stems from the balance I have found between everything going on in life right now. I was very proud of the work I completed for this course while juggling what feels like a million things right now. I am glad I got to find the time to explore the world of fanfiction and really think that opening my eyes to that world in a lot of ways!

I think the thing that gave me the most trouble this week was video editing for my assignment bank creation. I am still getting into the world of video editing while I find it to be a lot of fun it can also be frustrating. As such I also found video editing to be my learning for this week. I chose the assignment I did because I wanted to explore more video editing options. I found some cool new tricks and shortcuts so I definitely thought it was a good choice in the end. While I am not at the level I would really like to be I feel like I am off to a good start! The part I enjoyed the most this week was exploring the world of fanfiction. I really like the fanfiction culture and find the whole thing to be very interesting. As I find myself with more time I would love to look into the fanfiction around some of my current interests!

The thing I would do differently is spend more time on recommended text. I have been reading them and skimming as I find interesting points. I would love to spend more time reading classmates comments though!

I do not currently feel like I am having any hardships in relation to my focal theme. I love the broad nature of it and think that it has really given me the opportunity to explore a plethora of options that interest me. I really enjoy the lack of limitations and ability to explore any area that interests me that day. I would really like to be able to foster this educational freedom in my classroom. I have really enjoyed being able to delve into anything that strikes my fancy at the moment and make it applicable to my focal theme. I think a lot of the articles I have pulled into my blog have given me insight in my personal and professional life. I really feel like the past two weeks has created an exemplar for me of how individualized learning can be more powerful than a lot of traditional learning techniques.

I think this week I am meeting course expectations. I think the critical thinking pieces are fitting together and I am making connections to course materials. I really think I have embraced this learning experience and am excited about the growth I am seeing! I hope to continue to be a lifelong learner and I think this course has given me a new direction to go in! More to come next week!

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