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I decided to explore a little bit of fan fiction this week. I have never really spent a lot of time exploring or getting into fan fiction, as such I thought it was about time! I chose to look into fanfiction related to Ghostbusters. I chose this because my theme is growing up and when I think about Ghostbusters I think about watching all the movies as I grew up. I also am reminded that as the movies and technology advance they have undergone their own remix and done some growing of their own. I found fanfiction to be extremely interesting and creative. I really like the remix of all the great characters and plots of our favorite movies.

The first type of involvement I see in this work is creating fan identity. Through their creation of this, “pilot episode” as well as following episodes pieces of their fan identity become apparent in their writing. Their willingness to write and publish their work in and of itself is a testament to their fan identity and connection to Ghostbusters.  Along those lines there are also aspects of writer’s identity. As with any piece of self-published work pieces of writer’s identity come through in all aspects of a story. The tone and wording with the text speaks to the writer’s identity. The characters as well as events within the text also are representative of writer’s identity.

The literacy dimensions within the story are understanding of chapters. The writer chooses to write and publish their writing in the form of pilot episodes. Each one has its own beginning and ending point. Breaking work into chunks like this demonstrates understanding of chapters and makes it easy for readers to read work in manageable chunks. This fanfiction writing also demonstrates knowledge of the original story drawn on within the fan fiction. While none of the characters so far are the same as those within any of the Ghostbusters productions there is a basis within her story of the concepts with the movies. There is also much of the same terminology and process as is present within the original stories. Essentially the author has taken the rules and parameters around Ghostbusters and remixed it into their own plot and story.

The online space that brings this story to life is this is a site on which people can post their fan fiction for movies, books, music, video games, anything you can think of. There is also an interactive aspect on which producers and consumers alike can post, comment, and reply to their work and others. I think the communication aspect brings this website and the work on it to life. You can sort fanfiction based on category or name. As such people who are passionate and driven by the same things can look at each other’s work and create a community around their interest.  I think this could benefit this particular piece of writing because peer interaction could help improve writing and ideas. This also gives opportunity for people to comment and the author the make changes to better their work over the course of their story. could have significant impact on their story first by getting it out there for people to see, and second by allowing peer collaboration in order to grow and develop. I think the collaborative aspect offered by is awesome and with more recognition and interaction the creator could have a lot of fun with this project!

I think one change I would make would be to increase audience engagement through better character development. As the write is not using the characters directly from Ghostbusters but instead is choosing to use more of the concept and basis for the movies character development is important. This particular, “pilot episode” jumps right into the action portion and never really lets the reader get acquainted and invested in the characters. Along those lines I think the narrative could be improved with more description. While intentions are not clear as to whether this is supposed to be more of a book situation or screenplay as it is currently written it is hard for readers to picture what is happening. The lack of description of visual setting, characters, events etc. makes it hard as a reader to see what is happening and therefore hard to really get sucked into the story. I love to see people taking a chance and putting themselves out there with their work! I especially enjoy that after all these years Ghostbusters is still thriving and continues to be remixed to stay current!

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