I completed this week’s assignments as well as I could. I had a lot of fun with this week’s assignments, and worked to understand my photo editing and audio editing software more thoroughly. I recently switched my photo and  audio editing software and  I really enjoyed getting to know it better this week and using it more effectively.


I had the most trouble specifying what I wanted to focus on for this week. I found myself very involved in my peer work and really enjoyed delving further into other’s work and blogs. As such I think it was hard to focus what I wanted to dig further into and really focus on for this week. The thing I enjoyed the most was really exploring my group’s focus and exploring all the great learning they have discovered. My biggest learning was around how collaborative learning has such an impact on meeting goals. I really liked hearing my peers sound off on their growth and ideas based on learning from collaborative efforts. I really liked hearing other sound off on group learning and having my confirmation on what group learning looks like and its benefits.


If I could go back in time the the only thing I would change is my ability to respond not only to my blogs but also to the blogs of others I had commented on. I have found the comments and responses on my classmates to be very beneficial. As such I would love more time to interact within this realm.

As of now I do not have any issues around my focus area. I have really enjoyed my personal research as well as my peers research and reading/exploring it. So far I think this is a great fit for where I am in my life!

I have exceeded expectations I have set for myself in personal growth and exploring in order to grow myself, I really have enjoyed growing based off of course expectations as well as classmate exploration.  I  meet expectations on my own growth and self expectations in this course. I think from the beginning of this course I have tried to grow in technological advancement and I feel like I pushed myself in this area this week. I feel like I was below expectations in thinking outside the box. Next week I would really like to challenge myself to explore different facets I am not as familiar with

Over all I think this was a very strong week of study! I would love to continue to explore my classmates work as well as push myself to grow further!