Take a look at the prompt that started it all.

Check out my Video completion of Harry Potter’s transformation as he grows up. I absolutely love the Harry Potter stories! I would read them religiously as I grew up. I remember pre-ordering copies of the books and getting them the very day they were released. I would sit and read the book cover to cover and be a missing person until I had finished. That being said I of course love the movies as well. I think that this is one of the only series I actually live the movies as much as I do the books. 

I thought that Harry potter fit with my focal theme in two ways. First I correlate Harry potter with my own youth and growing up. I was so engrossed in these books and characters as a child! I wish I had the social media outlets there are now when I was into these books in my prime. I would have loved to really explore the characters with other peers my age in the digital world! Second I think this fits my theme of growing up because as the book/movies progress we literally get to watch Harry grown up and develop. Even within the context of the movies along you can physically see Harry as well as other characters as they grow over the production time of the movies. Within the books we get to read about Harry growing up and see how he changes and grows based off of his experiences and obligations. I was really excited to get this opportunity to explore how one of my favorite characters of all time grows and changes over the course of his story. 

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