While this Ted Talk does not relate directly to my focus I think it is so applicable to this class I could not pass it up! I chose to blog about the Ted Talk titled Linda Liukas: A delightful way to teach kids about computers.


The type of involvement I saw in this video was expressing a social commentary. The presenter speaks to our lack of education to kids about computers and how they really function and work. While we spend time talking to think about how to operate programs or work computers we are in essence training them to be consumers. She speaks to the lack of education about coding and computer parts. I really appreciated her stance on the need for education in these areas and though her presentation was moving.


The biggest literacy dimension I identified was the presenter’s message that appeals to others. Her reason for presenting this on Ted Talk as well as creating an entire curriculum for kids to learn about computers was due to the need for change. Her message appeals to others because it call for change that is necessary for our kids in order to stay current and make a difference when they get to their adult age. The second literacy dimension was her ability to convey a lot of meaning in a little amount of time. Her presentation lasted only eleven minutes and three seconds. Even for a Ted Talk that is a short amount of time. In that eleven minutes she was able to cover a lot and really get her point across in a meaningful way. I think her addition of stories was amazing and really substituted a lot of parts that could have easily become wordy. Instead she painted a picture of her vision using anecdotal supports.


The first online space that really brings life to this presentation is Ted talk itself. Having the opportunity to create a Ted Talk and have it posted on this sit in and of itself gives her a lot of reputability. On the Ted Talk website her video already has 1,319,709 views. Other online supports for the presenter are her twitter account, her website offering information and access to her books, as well as a personal website linking it all together.  These matter to the impact of the story because it give listeners next steps after hearing her ted talk. They can look further into her work and message in order to take it and remix it or implement it in their own way. These supports are great ways in which to give people information and empower them to help you in your cause.

Based off of my assessment I think the only thing I would change would be more information included in her presentation about how she implements her, “curriculum”. It was not clean as to if she did this for a research project, if she offers classes, if she develops curriculum, or if she teaches and this is part of a classroom. I would like to know a little more about the background behind her stories so I can better understand her presentation. I think having a basis for her stories within the presentation would strengthen her message.


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