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I chose to focus on the inspirational picture of Jack and Rose in their iconic picture standing on the railings of the front of the Titanic. Here is the original photo!


This particular movie was a big deal and just come out when I was in middle school. I remember all my friends talking about it and what an amazing movie it seemed like at the time. To this day my friends and I still make titanic references in our jokes. Below are two of my best friends doing their best Titanic remix on a dinner cruise we went on in Costa Rica.

Photo Dec 21, 4 00 53 PM


I think this is a great way to reminisce on what this movie represented in my youth and what it represents now. Every time we reference moments in Titanic or iconic songs I always laugh and take  trip down memory lane! I constantly find as I get older and the, “cool” things from my youth become more and more distant that I always appreciate little reminders of them!

Here is my final product! I would like to call it Titanic photo bomb. Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed brainstorming and creating it!

Titanic Remix

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