Being brave and posting my weekly reflection on my blog!

I feel like I completed this week’s assignments very well. I am starting to make connection to my work and others work which is exciting for me! I think I did a good job balancing all the parts of this class which in past reflections has not quite been the case. Challenging myself and continuing to grow has been a theme during my time in this course. I feel like this continued to happen this week!

The most challenging part of my week this week was learning all about my new photo editing software.  While it was a little frustrating this week I think in the long run I will be glad I switched to adobe. I finally feel like I am getting the hang of it and I think my creates next week will be much more refined! Coupled with that I think my big learning was how to work adobe. I think knowing how to use this software will be more beneficial to me in the long run. This week I most enjoyed looking at and exploring classmates work and comments.

If I could do something differently this week it would be to spend more time with the recommended text. Time constraints did not give me a lot of time to explore these things this week which is unfortunate. I would have loved to dedicate more time to reading them more thoroughly not just skim. My lingering question is can I put videos on soundcloud of just audio? I know I can find the answer easily :).

A larger issues surrounding my work is how to narrow down what articles to pick to blog about. I am finding a lot of interesting material and always getting new ideas about what to write about! Not a bad problem to have though!!

I believe I am meeting course expectations. I have tried to give due diligence to all portions of the course and make sure I am meeting all expectations as well as trying to challenge myself. I went through and looked at my website and was glad to see an improvement in my work! I think I am holding myself accountable for my learning and am really enjoying all the course material I am working with.