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I chose this pictures because first I am a 100% dog lover! Second I think that my dogs have really given me a lot of perspective and life lessons on growing up. I learned a lot about responsibility and dedication after owning my two dogs. They have taught me a lot but I think one of my biggest life lessons from them has been about consequences when I am not a good puppy parent. While this is not my dog or my couch I have learned that lack of puppy parenting often leads to puppy acting out! While it is easy to get upset when you come home to a mess lovingly made by an upset or sick pet I always have to remember, “I know why.” Having the joys and responsibilities of having dogs has made me a more responsible and well rounded adult and I am glad every day for their companionship! Being responsible for an animal who depends completely on you really has sped up my rate of acquisition of life lessons!

I am always thankful for my girls who have helped me to grow and been part of my ever changing life! Here are my actual fur babies as they sleep next to me while I work on school!

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