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I had a lot of insights during this chapter! I really enjoyed the definition of remix as, “‘remixing’ involves taking cultural artifacts and combining and manipulating them into new kinds of creative blends and products” ( Lankshear 95). Hearing it phrased in this manner opened my eyes to the multitude of things that we as people truly do “remix”. I always saw a remix of something as a musical compilation or manipulation of another artist or multiple artists work. Lankshear’s broad definition makes me realize that we constantly remix all kinds of things in our lives, language, writing, technology, DNA, laws, beliefs, and the list is never ending! In order to grow and improve we never start from scratch. We take the success/learning from our past and those before us and we use it in order to improve and better ourselves. Thinking of science, one scientist discovers a revolutionary advancement in science and others take that and “remix” their discovery in order to improve it. In technology, the latest and most cutting edge technology doesn’t last long. Other developers take that learning/product and improve upon it and make better technology! After reading this portion of the book when I actually sat down to think about it the applications for, “remix” in human life was endless!

Another insight I had was the ways in which remix affect cultures. As soon as an individual experiences something they develop an option, discussion and norming of those ideas in essence is the crux of culture. Remix and personalization of ideas/opinions is how social practice begins. I think that this is necessary in order for generations to be able to take things from the past and make them current again in order to invigorate interest of the new generations. The past has to be adapted to stay relevant. Creation of ideas and arts never dies it one get, “remixed” and changed in order to stay current. You cannot expect today’s youth to find interest in ideas or culture from 20 years ago, unless it is adapted in a way they find interesting and applicable to their own beliefs and social norms.

I also found the portion of the text dealing with essentially copyright interesting. I think of all the wonderful things that have come from collaboration and I wonder if everyone stopped fighting over who is entitled to what and just shared how much could we accomplish? I love the idea of open forms and sharing of knowledge. An idea is an idea but the more people collaborate and support each other it becomes reality. The multiple combined power of many working together is much stronger than the efforts of one. The greatest inventions and ideas of the past are only improved upon by remix. I think digital stories are a great outlet for this! People can get ideas and projects widespread notoriety in order to collaborate! So many parts of our life are changing due to technology! I think that this is one of those areas that needs to change with the times. My wondering after reading this chapter was is there a change needed in rules/regulation or is there a change needed in human attitude toward collaboration and entitlement?

To sum it all up I thought this was a fun video that takes past learning and does a little remix to help with High School students with their math.


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