Life timeline

So our parameters for our daily create were very broad, in fact I get free reign to do whatever sounded good to me! I decided to make a timeline of the three big life stages I have experienced and what my needs were at each. Here is the breakdown! 

Infancy/childhood. Obviously I don’t remember being a baby but these are the things I perceived to be my needs. The picture of food represents the basics being provided to me such as food, drink, shelter, and clothing. The picture of the mother and her child represents physical contact love and stimulation. The picture of the baby taking a bath represents basic care needs being met, feeding, bathing, sleep etc. 

Teenage years is my second life stage. The first picture represents popularity. While popularity might look different from person to person every high school student seeks popularity in their own right. At this time in my life having friends and feeling popular was a huge factor and motivator. The second picture represents acceptance and peer affection. Feeling popular is fine but I needed strong relationships with my friends and physical affirmations in order to feel like I was really close with my peers. Building memories and experiences was a big part of feeling accepted by peers. The third picture represents independence. High School is the first time in your life that you start to build who you are outside of your family unit. It was a new and exciting time for me in which I spent more time with peers and friends than I did my own family. I got a job and worked in order to fund my social habits and I for the first time had an independence and self-identity outside of my family unit. The final picture represents strong family connections. Although my independence was great and liberating, at the end of the day I needed my family support and grounding. It is easy to get swept up in growing up so having family to bring you back to earth and be there for you when those teenage hormones/drama hit is imperative! 

Finally there is my current stage of life adulthood. The first picture represents finding your place as an adult. Unlike high school experiences this was not driven by popularity. Instead my niche or people I chose to have in my life were people who align with my morals, aspire to the same things I do, have similar interests, and similar morals/personality. I remember getting to college and feeling like my high school friends might not be a fit for me anymore. I began to meet other people and find my niche with them based on the above listed qualities. The second picture represents career and life goals. I quickly set goals for myself to achieve academically and professionally. This drive was routed in the need and desire to provide for myself and a future family. There is a constant push to accomplish these goals in order to better provide for myself and my loved ones. The third picture represents finding love and companionship (yes that is a twilight picture, I just couldn’t help myself). Having great friends and companions is great, but ultimately something more is needed in order to start a family. Finding someone to share my life with was a highlight of my adult life this far! And finally the last picture represents starting a family. Although I do not currently have children I do feel the need to start a family and share the love and happiness in my life with my family! 

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