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H Dance

They say that the music you hear and listen to in your teen years is the most influential of your life. I can’t speak for everyone but for me that is definitely true! While creating this assignment for INTE 5340 I really realized the connection I had to this song. As soon as I heard it I immediately had memories pop in me head of times in my life where this song played a role. The biggest realization I had was how much times have changed, and how much my life has changes since I was the young girls who thought this was the coolest thing ever! For those of you who were either not in the loop, or where too young to be in the loop check out the ORIGINAL Hamster Dance for yourself!  It was such a big hit there was also follow up hamster dances in order to keep up with demand! Check out my reflection on this song and what it means to me as an adult. Thanks for reading and for more great learning from my classmates check out our class twitter pages #ds106 and #ILT5340.