Kira at Putnam


I am a 2nd grade teacher at Putnam Elementary. I give my student, and class everything I have and love my work! I chose this visual assignment because it was a great representation of my two parts, personal and professional. I chose to, “bring” my dog Kira to work with me as I spend a lot of time there with a class full of wonderful 7 year old’s! My students love hearing about what my life is like outside of school and making those connections with me. I think having Kira at school would be a great way for my kids to deepen that connection! Kids and dogs go together like cake and ice cream so I am imagining many positive relationships stemming from this K9 friendship! 

As an educator I am always thinking of ways to inspire my students, and build engagement with curriculum. Having such a positive presence such as pet in the classroom feels like a great way to help! I truly believe that pets have a healing nature to them and I would love to see the impact little Kira could have on our classroom community. 

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Do you miss your pet while you are in school? Do you ever wish that you could bring your pet to school with you? This tutorial assignment will allow your dream to come true. You can use GIMP or other photo edit software to place your pet anywhere on your campus. This assignment can use any photo editing software that you wish to use.